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How To Clean A Plastic Bathtub

how to clean a plastic bathtub

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  • "The Bathtub" refers to the underground foundation area at the site of the World Trade Center and accompanying buildings in New York City. Despite its title, it does not hold any water, rather it keeps water out (from the Hudson River) and acts as a bathtub in reverse.

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how to clean a plastic bathtub - Tension Pole

Tension Pole Shower Caddy - Stainless Steel by Better Bath

Tension Pole Shower Caddy - Stainless Steel by Better Bath

Say good bye to flimsy plastic caddies and say hello to the durability of stainless steel! Bring the clean, classic look of stainless steel to your bathroom with the Tension Pole Shower Caddy by Better Bath. This floor to ceiling caddy is designed to fit in the corner of a tiled floor or built in tub. This caddy can also be used over a claw foot bathtub. Equipped with 4 large Euro-styled bins, a towel bar and sponge hook, this stainless steel caddy provides the ultimate in rust-proof shower storage. All the components, from the center pole to the plastic shelf locks, are the highest quality possible. The Stainless Steel Tension Pole Caddy fits standard 8 foot ceiling and assembles in seconds.

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super observant kid

super observant kid

Today his bath was in the kitchen sink, he prefers that lately and so do I since it allows me to multi -task while he play and gets clean.....he has not been liking the big bathtub in the bathroom lately, maybe because it is colder?

today while he bathed I made cranberry relish, he helped by washing the cranberries in a strainer in the opposing sink

near the sink we always keep these pint baskets stacked and use them to drain his bath toys...since he had been straining the berries, he decided to strain some white orbs (the carbonation balls from inside guinness cans...I save them for future home brew and he loves to play with them)

While I was assembling the relish he asked

"mom, why does this basket have a recycle logo on it?"

while my jaw dropped like normal...I explained that it was plastic and recyclable, upon further inspection I saw it was a number 5 in a triangle, so we discussed the different kinds of plastic and how they can be remade into other items.

he then asked "who does not recycle?" I said bad people, he said "then we are bad" I said why? we recycle....he reminded me that we were keeping these baskets from going into the blue bag for recycling.....I explained how it is ok to keep recyclables if we reuse them and have uses for the baskets, we tend to take them to the vendors at the farmer's market a few times a year, so they can reuse them again...I reminded him how he loved the little cherry tomatoes that come in them

today seems to be full of those amazement moments as the mother of this exceptional 3 1/2 year old

Miles' first real bath - 02

Miles' first real bath - 02

Miles, upset...well, mad, really...about his first bath. My mom says this is my face.

Good story: before this picture was taken, we has prepped everything for the bath. Kat had stripped down the little man while her mom and I got the new bathtub ready (which involved cleaning out the plastic tub, figuring out how a baby fit in it, stretching the infant hammock thing across the tub, filling it with the proper temperature water to the proper height). When all was said and done, we place Miles butt-down into the water.

And he pooped right into it.

So, Kat pulled him out of the now-poopy bathwater while her mom and I emptied the tub and rinsed it all down.

Behind us, Miles pooped in Kat's arms, all over her feet and the kitchen floor.

Enter the dogs, who must have thought we had just got them some sort of amazing ceiling-mounted food dispenser.

But, no harm, no foul, everything got cleaned up, including Miles, after a lot of fussing.

He liked his second bath a lot more.

how to clean a plastic bathtub

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